Here at Taste Buds Bakery, we value creativity! We love being able to create and design every order we get, and try our best to make a unique custom cake you wouldn’t find somewhere else! We always accept inspiration photos for orders and will follow similar themes, but we will not copy another bakers work exactly! We communicate with our customers regarding design before decorating to make sure any cake we give them will have a unique design they love!


Here at Taste Buds Bakery, we know quality is important! This goes into everything we do! We get the best ingredients we can; we don’t buy ingredients that are cheap! This goes into making sure our desserts not only look good but also taste good! Not only do we focus on the quality of ingredients, but also the quality of packaging. Finally, we try to provide the best quality of service we can; from communicating with customers, delivering orders, or accommodating allergies!


Here at Taste Buds Bakery, respect is extremely important. We accept orders from anyone and do not discriminate! We are always honest in our work; if a customer requests something that is out of our skill range, we will tell them the truth, and even recommend other local bakers that might be able to fulfill the order! We respect our other local bakers, even though they could be seen as “competition” we don’t view it that way! Every customer deserves to have the cake they want!